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Tips for Presenting

You will have five minutes to present and five minutes to answer questions.

Talking Points

  1. Consider starting with an engaging opening line. 

  2. State your name and the name of the organization.

  3. How long have they been around?

  4. Who do they serve?

  5. What is their mission and how do they benefit the community?

  6. How would the funds be used? Provide specific, if possible.

    1. New or existing program​

    2. Will the charity be able to sustain the program after the funds are used?

    3. What is the impact? (How many people or animals will be helped? What is the impact for the environment?)

  7. What is your relationship to the organization?​

  8. End with a heartfelt ask and a thank you.

Any questions?

Contact us at

Overall Tips

Make it simple.

Speak from the heart.

Discuss the specific project the

funds will be used for.

Tell your story - why does this

organization matter to you?

End with a heartfelt ask and

thank you.

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