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Who can nominate?

  • Any member can nominate a nonprofit they are passionate about​.

  • You do not need to be on the board or work for the nonprofit.

  • You not need to be an expert speaker, you just need to speak from your heart.

  • You do need to verify how the funds will be used for local impact.

Eligibility requirements

  • 501(c)(3)

  • Serving La Plata County for a minimum of three years

  • All nominated charities are vetted


Nomination Process

  • Submit a nomination form more than two weeks prior to the upcoming meeting.

  • We will vet the nonprofit and get back to you with your nomination approval via email.

  • Your nomination slip will be with your name tag when you check in.

  • You will put your nomination form in the fishbowl

The nomination process will close two weeks prior to each meeting. 

Nomination Frequency Limits

  • A recipient of a donation is not eligible to be nominated again until two future meetings have passed.

  • Nonprofits can not pitch more than twice within four consecutive meetings.


If you wish to nominate a nonprofit, contact us at

We will send you a nomination form to complete.

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